Wireless fitting

Non seulement raccord sans fil, mais véritablement sans fil vous donne de nouvelles possibilités avec votre travail quotidien et les possibilités nouvelles de la marque pour votre entreprise.

Interton introduces new standard of hearing aid fitting. With 2.4 GHz technology you do not need additional adapters or relay devices to perform wireless fitting. You do not need to worry that the fitting session will be interrupted or impossible to perform due to low battery of programming interface because Interton Airlink is powered directly from USB port. Pairing of wireless hearing could not be easier and connection to hearing aids is strong and resistant to interferences. 

You will not lose your fitting session even if your patient leaves the wireless fitting range area as Airlink will reconnect once your patient has returned.

Benefits of Interton wireless fitting

  • Truly portable, helpful in patient’s home or hospital visits, less to carry around
  • No hassle with programming interface charging and battery life time
  • Improved patient experience with first hearing aid due to less stressful fitting procedure
  • Less equipment on patient – less stigma
  • Minimum 3 meters fitting range to move freely in fitting room and easy re-connection to fitting
  • Possibility of multiple Airilnk usage within the same clinic without interferences