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Sometimes you need a boost to even the best hearing aids. Whether you’re in the car or at a conference, Interton Mini Microphone is the easy, reliable way to make sure you hear every word of the conversation, whatever the situation.

Stream speech and music directly to your hearing aids
Use the Mini Microphone to transmit speech or music directly to your wireless hearing aids. Just clip it on to a family member or speaker and stream their voice directly to your ears. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a conference or a restaurant, and you don’t need any uncomfortable adapter around your neck. You’ll hear everything in crisp, clear sound.

Keep your eyes on the road

Clip the Mini Microphone on to your passenger and hear what they say, as well as concentrating on the road. Driving couldn’t be safer.

Move to the music
Hear the instructor or music while you exercise. Mini Microphone streams audio from your music player to your hearing aids. 

Get all the facts at meetings

Get your colleague to clip on the Mini Microphone and listen to clear crisp speech even if there is some noise around you.