The biggest launch in Interton’s history!

Interton introduit six nouveaux produits - et un tout nouveau concept!
Interton Crisp - Everyone deserves an upgrade!

Having your hearing upgraded is the key purpose for buying a new hearing aid. It becomes even better, if you get something extra without having to pay more for it. Our new product Crisp has many of the attributes you would normally associate with much more expensive devices. Crisp gives you: 

  • A clear and natural sound
  • Great performance in noisy environments
  • Discreet design and excellent durability
  • 2,4 Ghz wireless technology

Watch the great Crisp movie and see all the benefits!

Crisp movie screendump

Interton Share - WHAT! So much quality at that price?

That’s right! Interton is now taking our strong budget category to a new level with Share making advanced features available at an affordable price. Share offers:
  • Great price and great sound quality for everyone
  • Durable hardware design and user friendly controls making it easy to handle
  • Lot’s of options with a full family in several colors at three price categories

Now, that’s what we call value for money!

Click below and watch the Share movie!

Share movie screenshot