Interton Start proves budget is no barrier to excellent hearing.

Système auditif spécialistes Interton ont récemment lancé un nouveau système sur le marché qui offre une fonctionnalité exceptionnelle à un prix vrai budget, ce qui porte la technologie auditive de qualité supérieure à la portée de la plus petite du budget.
Hearing system specialists Interton have recently launched a new system onto the market which offers outstanding functionality at a true budget price, bringing top-quality hearing technology within reach of the smallest budget.

Accessible to all
Central to the Interton Start concept was the desire to provide optimum hearing support to the widest possible audience. This includes people on tight budgets, as well as offering a highly competitive price to those who are considering choosing a hearing system for the first time.
Outstanding functionality
Equally important was the aim to provide uncompromising hearing quality. Despite its aggressive price point, the Interton Start range provides an uncompromising hearing experience. The system uses GN Group technology that has consistently proven itself extremely robust and reliable in all situations.
Features that exceed customer expectations
Among the features of the new Interton Start range are advanced functions like background noise reduction and fixed directionality for enhanced speech intelligibility, pre-programmed ‘environment’ functions, adaptive feedback management and a full choice of form factors. ‘Standard’ and ‘power’ options are included across all form factors for the very hard of hearing.
Easy to use
Every feature of Interton Start has been designed for maximum functionality. For example, a numeric analogue volume control on the BTEs makes it easy for users to adjust and visually check the volume themselves, while changing ear hooks or thin tubes has been made completely intuitive.
Practical, discreet, comfortable
The Interton Start range offers a choice of discreet, practical colours, designed to blend in with most hair types. Fitting is achieved through the convenient Appraise fitting software to ensure perfect comfort for the customer.
Interton was founded in Germany in 1962 and is today part of the GN Group, one of the world’s largest hearing system organisations. Interton uses proven core technologies to deliver straightforward, functional and easy-to-use hearing systems at a fair price.