Interton Scope is the preferred sound


Press Release: Interton Scope

With Scope, Interton is turning up sound quality. Thanks to its sophisticated SoundScape technology, Interton Scope provides a richer and more comfortable sound, especially in directional mode.

Superior sound . . .all around

A sound quality study* found that 74% of users preferred SoundScape in comparison to other devices, for both speech and environmental/natural sounds. Likewise, 68% of customers preferred SoundScape when listening to music. Sound may be a subjective experience but these figures speak for themselves.

International Product Manager, Ulli Weisser explains the appeal, “With Interton Scope we focused on factors we know create a highly-satisfactory sound experience. And we’ve also addressed key issues, such as feedback. The result is a product line with clear customer benefits; increased comfort, better sound quality and a more relaxing listening experience.”

Advanced Features for better listening experience

The two new Interton Scope families boast a wealth of features:

  • Auto Beam Width helps the user stay focused on speech in noisy ambient surroundings
  • Feedback Guard efficiently controls feedback while preserving gain, even when people or objects come close to the device
  • Nano coating is Scope’s unique thin covering that repels dirt and humidity, meaning increased reliability and product lifetime

A Great Sound, available in two product families

Interton Scope has two distinctive target groups, each with their own price points. For active customers who want great sound in everyday situations, the Interton Scope 4 family provides a comfortable, quality sound experience. For those who require individually-tailored listening preferences, the Interton Scope 6 has a number of advanced features and dispenser fine-tuning options. Both Interton Scope families include the new Power BTE, in addition to the classic line-up of ITE, RIE and BTE models.

Easy Fit-and-Go

For all Scope models, fitting is both easy and intuitive, thanks to the well-known Interton Appraise fitting software

For further questions or comments, please contact your local Interton contact person.

* From Lessius University College, Belgium.